Curriculum Goals

The GCCCC Curriculum's encourage children to:

  • Develop positive attitudes about themselves and others. Think, reason, question and experiment.
  • Develop large and small muscle coordination.
  • Foster creative expression and appreciation for the arts.
  • Learn sound health, safe, and nutritional practices.
  • Respect cultural diversity.
  • Solve Problems.
  • Interact with peers and adults in positive ways.
  • Make appropriate choices.

Parent Involvement

Parents are involved in all aspects of  the GCCCC program. Parents are welcome to visit the Center at anytime.  Because of our convenient location a special invitation is extended to  join us at lunchtime.

Other  opportunities to become involved include serving as a member of the  GCCCC Board of Directors, serving on Board Committees, sharing special  skills or interests with the children in the classroom, participating in  parent meetings and special events.

In  addition, the GCCCC makes a special effort to keep parents informed  through monthly newsletters, daily logs, parent conferences, and parent  boards.

Food and Diapers

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