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About The Center

In  response to the child care needs of Federal Government Employees, the  Government Center Child care Corporation (GCCCC) opened in February  1978. It was one of the first Child care centers in a federal Government  Building. 
The GCCCC is a private, non-profit corporation that  serves primarily the children of the Federal Government Employees and  other downtown Boston workers. The purpose of the Center is to provide young children and their families with the best care and education possible. 



 The Government Center Child Care Center  offers young children a safe, caring environment that stimulates them to  learn about themselves and the world around them. Special attention is  given to the belief that each child is a unique and special individual. Children  are placed in small groups primarily by age to provide for individual  attention. Each group offers youngsters exciting, developmentally  appropriate experiences that promote social, emotional, physical and  creative growth. Children are given opportunities to learn from a wide  variety of "hands on" experiences based on each child's individual  needs, interests, handicaps, and abilities. The program is  staffed by supportive Teachers and Assistants with knowledge of child  development and years of experience. Teachers facilitate learning as  children play in the classrooms and outdoors. Daily activities vary with  each age group but generally include small and larger motor activities,  art, music, science, sand and water play, block play, stories, math and  reading readiness activities.   


Our Mission

The  GCCCC is a private, non-profit corporation that serves primarily the  children of the Federal Government Employees and other downtown Boston  workers.
The purpose of the Center is to provide young children and their families with the best care and education possible.

Locations, Hours & Tuition Fees

JFK Federal Building Site:

 JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street 
Room G-94
Boston, MA 02203

O'Neill Federal Building

 O'Neill Federal Building
10 Causeway Street 
Room 184
Boston, MA 02222


 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM 
Monday through Friday, year round. 

Tuition Fees

Infants: $330 per week 

Toddlers: $294 per week
Preschoolers: $232 per week


Because ​the GCCCC is committed to  providing equal opportunity for participation by children with parents  of all incomes, a limited number of scholarships are available.
*Contact the Center Director for more information.

Food and Diapers

 Included in the program fees are meals.  Diapers are provided for $15 monthly fee. The Center provides breakfast,  a hot lunch and an afternoon snack daily. Baby food is also provided. 

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Government Center Child Care Corporation

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